Dear visitors, welcome to Event One 7.


Event One 7 is an non-for-profit research initiative in the field of creative placemaking. The current work focuses on the Southampton's City Centre Masterplan. In particular, the work focuses on the Cultural Quarter.


Think outside your city!

The Creative City Dialogue 2015 (CCD) is returning to Westgate Hall, in Southampton.


The CCD 2015 will follow up on the outcomes of CCD 2013, looking at participant feedback, recommendations, and Q & A.




It goes without saying that Southampton is a young and international city.


The key questions of the Creative City Dialogue 2015 are:


  • What is the role of the art complex, and the wider cultural quarter, within an international and local context?
  • What type of international participation is desired and required by locals to strengthen the art complex, and the wider cultural quarter?


For more information about sponsorship or speaking opportunities please contact Martin Okoroego: